This is the first ever EU Summer Study organised by the ND-ICEU. Held from 3rd to 8th July 2017, it was attended by ten students from various disciplines.

If the interdisciplinary approach in academics is gaining momentum in recent times, the summer study is its equivalent in Bible studies in the North ICEU. We picked few books from the Bible namely Genesis, Matthew and Acts. We studied them through lenses others than the usual personalized interpretations.
Genesis is not a scientific book but a creation account that countered the prevailing oppressive mythical stories of its time. Hence, the importance of seeing it historically and contextually in its first order meaning becomes undeniable as the book wasn’t written for us but not to us. Matthew seemed to start with a boring genealogy in the eyes of a biblical novice. But the genealogy is a masterpiece that speaks of the themes of jubilee culminating in the messianic person of Jesus Christ. The book of Acts is a living record of the world changing power of the gospel and spirit powered people.
As corporate reading is crucial for a wholesome understanding of the Bible, it is equally important to allow ourselves to be ministered through the work of others. N.T Wright’s book on “How God became king” on earth confronts our ugly habits that limit Jesus only to the realm of a personal savior. Jesus was a political contender and died a political death although by assuming the way of servanthood and suffering. Leonard Sweet’s “Eleven Indispensable relationships” emphasized the importance of laying hold to the diverse web of relationships to make our pilgrimage meaningful.
Other topical presentations include “Contentions on Rapture theology”, “Justification by Faith” and “Contemporary relevance of Christianity”.

It was very invigorating to see the single passionate responses of the participants . The North EGF, staffs and state UESI had put efforts in their capacity for the success of the study. May God raise men and women of caliber for his mission!


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