Timothy and Deborah

‘Timothy’ is a protégé, an heir, an apprentice, a younger, less mature version of oneself. But Timothy is unlike any other apprentice. He is one true devotee to his master. Timothy knows someone’s mind better than anyone.
It is known from the bible that the historical Timothy was a single parent son of around sixteen unless he first became an apprentice of Paul.
Any master had to be timothy before he becomes a master. Timothy does not clone himself as his master but rather evolved and became a true and better version of him.
The Shunammitism describes two kinds of women. One provides hospitality for prophets and preachers and the other provides warmth and stimulation. The author combines the two kinds and called it shunammitism, the cultivation of leadership by the old and the young through the hospitality of teaching, mentoring and deploying. Shunammitism keeps the old young and give age and wisdom to youth. One who does not inherit any heir is called as sharonism. This is the worst thing that could have happened to master.
It is evolution that brings out originality in the life of an apprentice or an heir. One who would clone his master cannot be called as “Timothy”.
Osmosis is the development of Potentials by learning, watching what their masters do. And it is only developed with the patience of presence that allows the slow labour of apostolic exposure and experience to take place. Listening is a very important task for Timothy. His challenge is to learn how to hear. Jesus did not say “everyone who belongs to the Truth sees my vision” rather he says, “everyone who belongs to the truth hear my voice”. Timothy has to learn to listen to their masters.
Timothy cannot be a mere devotee to his masters but the force of creativity and imagination is also important. Imagination is the root of every crisis that has been happening day to day.
We don’t need more of what we already have. The world needs ‘more as different’. Our current time needs the imagination of conception more than improvement. Timothy has to take leaps into unknown when they go the ‘different’ route to make a different world.
As we need protegees, We also need a Deborah who could be a shield. Deborah is someone who provides cover for you, who will cover your back. Behind every good man and good women, there is someone, a back coverer.
“You are going to get it in the back”
The world we live in is a cruel place if we look closer. There are many kinds of monster, many of them shaped like men and women. It does not matter how well we are, we are going to get criticised and it comes from the back door. There will always be someone who will betray you. Deborah takes an important role here. Some Deborah actually stands and covers your back, but some become back stabber rather than back guard.
Deborah covers you with prayer from a distance. In this text, Deborah did not fight next to Barak, but she covered Barak’s back with the fire of her words, her spirit and her courage. Deborah is needed to protect us against ourselves. Sometimes it is important to listen to someone rather than making our own decision.
There is Deborah who covers your back even without knowing you and we can be others Deborah even without knowing them.
A Deborah has keen radar for any sense of disrespect and danger. Even in death, people are there for you or even before we are born. Our mother becomes a Deborah for us. She prepared everything for us even before our existence in this world. It is quite interesting to know a lot about Deborah. At the end, we cannot live alone. We cannot live without Deborah.



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