Presented and Journaled by Rivalico Pou

Who’s Your Jonathan? You Need A True Friend

Who Are Your VIPs?

A Jonathan is a true friend. The biblical definition of a true friend, a Jonathan, is someone who loves you as himself or herself.

  1. who is a Jonathan?

A Jonathan is:- 1) Your second self.   2) Not ‘Best’, but ‘True’ 3) Endangered species.

**Your Second Self

The true friend is, so to speak a second self (CICERO). A Jonathan won’t let you surrender to your dark side. A Jonathan has seen you naked in all your treachery and loves you anyway. A Jonathan grants you grace when you take him or her for granted. But most of all a Jonathan sacrifices himself for you. The greatest act of true friendship in history – Jesus death. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”.

**Not ‘Best’, But ‘True’

A Jonathan is more than an acquaintance or a companion. We mustn’t fall into the trap of relational hierarchy. We just have to be true. The Irish defined ‘Jonathan’ as the “anam cara”: the true friend.

**Endangered Species

A Jonathan may be the scarcest and rarest species on the planet earth. Like Sweet we should not be blinded by some personal Judas, in the midst of which Sweet fail to see the rare Jonathan i.e. Linda.

What makes having a Jonathan so rare and why can’t we be a Jonathan? Three things. Three syndromes. We might even call them “sin – dromes”. They are:- 1) What’s in it for me? Egosystem   2) No down elevator syndrome  3) What, Me sacrifice syndrome.

**What’s In It For Me? Egosystem Syndrome

We’re highly adapted organisms thriving in the egosystem of “what’s in it for me”. The egosystem is filled with self – absorption, pride, indiscipline, selfish impulses, jealousy, distances, indifferences etc. Rather than what’s in it for me, the Jonathan genome asks, “what’s in it for you?”

**No Down Elevator Syndrome

Taking elevator down is to reach deeper levels of truth and trust in a relationship. There four levels of taking elevator down, they are:-  1) Façade level   2) Acquantance level   3) Friendship level    4) Intimacy level. But people don’t really take down the elevator instead they take it up.

**What, Me Sacrifice syndrome

Jonathan is willing to pay the price of being a friend. Perhaps, the highest cost of true friendship is our most precious commodity : Time. In a culture where time is money and money is time, the cost of friendship requires great sacrifice. A Jonathan says, “Yes, you sacrifice”.

BUT………………….. If you find that Jonathan, that true friend, that anam cara, that sticks closer than a brother, that what’s in it for you – elevator down – lay down their life for you person, then you’ll have something that feels warm.

Who Are Your VIPs? You Need A Lydia And Lazarus, Rich And Poor. We’ve heard it said: it is more blessed to give than to receive, but in fact, as important as it is to be generous giver, it is also important to be a gracious receiver. Jesus was a good receiver as well as good giver.

Who’s Your Lydia? A Lydia is a sponsor, a patron, a partner and a provider. Rich woman like Lydia put their money on their faith. She opened her house for worship and even evangelization. Patrons practices hospitality and philanthropy.

True, the rich have power, prestige and resources. They can destroy whom they don’t want or like. But the poor also have their sins too.

True, even Jesus had problems with the rich. Money is their refuge and strength. The position of wealth moves us further away from God and poverty brings us closer to God. But we do wrong by vilifying the rich. You don’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor. The problem is our failure to address the poverty of the rich and the richness of the poor.


Who’s Your Lazarus? There are two Lazaruses in the Bible, one real and one fictional. The real one is Jesus true friend, who was raise from the dead. The fictional one is a character use by Jesus in a parable, the poor diseased beggar who asked alms in the home of Dives (“rich man” in Latin). Wealth is not a problem of these Dives. The problem is they live their life without a relationship with Lazarus or a poor person. His VIPs in life were Very Important Pets, not his fellow human being. Something is awry in today’s society. What makes your heart rip open? Does it bother anyone’s heart that thousands of people especially children die because, water, the staff of life, is for them a drink of death? They die because of poverty. Do we hunger and thirst for righteousness? Are our lives, live for ourselves or live for others?

It is a fact that many rich people help the poor. But they treat the poor as anonymous recipients of charity rather than engage them as equal.

The rich and poor are living geographically separate lives. There is wall between the rich and the poor which needs to be torn down. What the rich need, even more than digging deep into their pockets is a relationship with the poor. We need to know what it means to be human, to be fully conscious beings in a world of unconsciousness.



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